Visual FoxPro 9.0 event tour in June

Some members of the VFP team and myself will be speaking at Advisor VFP DevCon 2005 June 12-15. On June 18th I fly to Europe arriving in Prague, Czech Republic on June 19th. Randy Brown (lead VFP program manager) and Richard Stanton (member of VFP software engineer team) will also be speaking with me in Prague at the Praha VFP DevCon 2005 June 21-23. Richard's mom is from Prague and he was last there as a kid. Richard is responsible for coding the new report designer features native to the VFP 9.0 core product. I had lots of feedback at past Prague DevCon events with attendees asking when the VFP report writer was going to be enhanced. VFP developers tell us we really big time with VFP 9.0 report system enhancements. I expect the applause for Richard will be big in the keynote session in Prague. Unfortunatley I wasn't able to schedule in going back to the DevTeach 2005 conference to speak again as I did a few years ago.
After Praha DevCon, I head out to speak to VFP developers in three places I've never been before. June 24th I speak in Budapest Hungry. June 27th I speak in Bucharest Romania. June 29th I speak in Sofia Bulgaria. These three Eastern European VFP events are being sponsored and organized by local Microsoft offices in those cities, with additional help from local VFP community organizers. After the big month of VFP events, I decided to take a short vacation while in the area by heading to Athens on June 30th to sight see and hop around the Greek Islands, returning home June 5th. Then starting in early July, it will be busy time on efforts for more VFP 9.0 content online as well as working on our long term plans for VFP enhancements beyond version 9.0.

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