VS 2005 documentation updated for VFP 9.0 language comparisons

I just posted a new document online called Visual Studio 2005 documentation updated for Visual FoxPro 9.0 language comparisons. In my recent blog post VS .NET documentation updated for VFP 9.0 language comparisons, I linked to the Visual Studio .NET 2003 documentation referencing new updates for the Visual FoxPro 9.0 language. A correction is needed from what I said in that blog post. The language documents referencing the Visual FoxPro language now online do not contain the new changes and updates I provided, and they are not even Visual FoxPro language references which I provided. In fact, I never even reviewed the Visual FoxPro content that is online now and I don't know who created it. I made a mistake last month in my assumptions when I provided the updated VFP source code and language references in thinking that what I provided would be updated online. But those documents online are part of the formal VS .NET 2003 documentation and are replicated on the MSDN docs installed with VS and on the MSDN subscription discs, and changes to existing product docs are not updated mid stream.
What actually happened is they took my updated changes and applied them to the new
Visual Studio 2005 documentation. Those references can be seen when Visual Studio 2005 installed (beta 2 is coming later this month) and when those docs are published online. The document I created and posted simply references a delta list, all the changes I submitted that has been applied to the upcoming VS 2005 docs. Thanks to those people who sent feedback on what they thought was missing in the comparison table like the VFP TRY/CATCH commands. Turns out I already had those updates applied in the changes I submitted. When the VS 2005 docs are posted online, I'll post links to these updated pages with the new updates merged in.

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