My blog updated, version 2.0

I significantly updated blog ( here with a new CSS style layout, primarily based based on (Digital Photography Review) which is one of my favorite gadget web sites. I also renamed the title of my blog to Ken Levy's Blog. It use to be Ken Levy's Weblog because of the fact the blogs. blog template engine and tools defaults new blogs titles to Name Weblog. But after thinking about it, nobody really refers to blogs as weblogs much, and the common term is just blog. So it makes more sense to override that default and change the name and use Blog. If someone already subscribes to my blog from before or has it as a favorites link in their browser, it will probably still have the older name - but that really doesn't matter. Currently, there is no elegant solution when the title or the URL of a blog changes, at least not using the newsreader I use which his NewsGator add-in for Outlook 2003. Manually updating the URL or name of a subscribed blog is quick and easy anyway.

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