Visiting 5 Europa countries within 9 hours

For reference, here in Europe it is most common for Europe to be referred to as Europa. Our drive yesterday started us in Germany, had us drive through Austria, northern Italy, into Switzerland, through Lichtenstein, then to Zurich Switzerland. Lichtenstein is a tiny country about 20 kilometers (about 15 miles) across. We had breakfast in Germany, lunch at a nice 100 year old Italian restaurant in Italy, a dessert snack in St Moritz Switzerland, a drink in Lichtenstein, and dinner in Zurich. The drive was the most scenic of any drive I’ve ever been on, and the weather was about 75F with no rain and nice high clouds through the entire drive and stops.

During our visit and walk around Stockholm on the evening of Friday June 18th as well as our to the country of Lichtenstein last night, the amount of people was extremely low, possibly less than 10% the normal amount of people walking around those areas. The reasons for both cases were the same, big games on television of the Europa Cup football/soccer games. Tip of the day: When visiting Europe, do so during Europa Cup or World Cup football/soccer to avoid big crowds and traffic.

I was recently asked what type of car I am in for this drive. Tore has a 1992 BMW 850, which has about 250 horsepower. The car trip is done, Tore will drive to Frankfurt today from Zurich (where we are now) and pick up his wife and youngest son at the airport for them to go on their own vacation driving back to Oslo Norway over about 4 days. I drove with Tore about 4000 kilometers (2500 miles) over the past week, driving through and stopping in 8 countries total. After I finish speaking at the TechDay event here in Zurich today, I will tour around Switzerland with my brother J.D. via train until Monday morning when we are off by train through Frankfurt into Amsterdam that afternoon.

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