Europa trip day 3, quick summary

Every few days as I get a chance, I’ll post on update on where I am and how my trip in Europe is going.  I will be posting details about each place I visit, but for now, I will mention that I arrived on June 17th in Oslo Norway on schedule, drove around downtown Oslo, went to dinner at a nice restaurant 1500ft up on a hill overlooking the city, spoke at the user group for two hours, drive around town more and took some interesting photos until midnight (about the time it gets dark this time of year in Norway).  Friday morning we drove 7 hours from Oslo to Stockholm Sweden, and as we arrived into downtown, there was the biggest and brightest rainbow I’ve ever seen as part of a rain storm passing through.  While it was raining hard as we arrived, as we parked and started walking around the rain had stopped and an hour later there was not a cloud in the sky and the weather was perfect (about 62F) and sunny.  We had dinner on an outdoor patio of a restaurant in old town square, and I noticed the amount of people walking around was very low, dozens in sight rather than hundreds for a nice summer Friday night.  I asked someone from the restaurant why that is, and they said there was a big football (soccer) game on television with Sweden versus Italy, so it appeared most of the country was indoors watching the match.  It is now 10:43am about 2 hours out of Stockholm, and we are about to drive to Copenhagen for lunch and on to Berlin for dinner and to stay the night.  Stay tuned for more trip details, including the names of the key places I visited at each of the cities as I have visited along the way.

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