Delivering Work Items

Okay, I know it’s been awhile since I jumped in the fray here, but here you go ….:-) An update on what I’ve been doing… I’ve spent this year executing project management activities for the work item tracking features in Team Foundation Server.  We’re turning this carrier into the wind now, readying for a lunch… Read more

Not all work items are created equally

I’ve been managing the flow of work items on various Visual Studio teams at Microsoft over the last several years. One perennial challenge is separating and analyzing trends of real, code churning work items (bugs, defects, design changes, etc.) from little adhoc work items (suggestions, spec clarifications, Todo’s, etc.). They’re all important in some context,… Read more

Why Work Item Tracking?

Brian White asked me this week at Tech*Ed how we settled on the terms work item tracking to “brand” our features of the new Visual Studio Team System. A good question to kick off  for my first weblog post… The history of it, like most of these stories, is actually pretty unglamorous.  As we started spinning up our team, we… Read more