Toolkit Release 10920

This has been a long awaited release and has lots of important bug fixes. We were unable to get the Test Framework ready in time and hope to get that out later. The release notes talk about it in detail at this new sample website location. The binaries can be downloaded from the Toolkit Release…


Community Contributions in Toolkit release 10920

When I wrote my previous blog post I was in a rush to make the release announcement because we had a lot of users waiting eagerly for it. But I did not get a chance to thank our users who contributed patches to the Toolkit and made the release a success. I would like to…


Piece of web-art

For the past few days I have been working on a Silverlight demo along with David and Ted that our management is planning to present to internal folks. Since we did not have a Designer who would "pretty" it up, making the demo look polished and professional was a task that was thrust upon us….



Why a new blog? I talk about the reasons behind the shift here. This blog is a continuation of my Technet blog. I will no longer be posting on Technet. I will port the posts over someday when migration is simpler and/or when I have time to spare. What’s the title all about? It all…