How do I contribute to the Toolkit?

We have been brainstorming ideas to get community contributions in the Toolkit for almost a year now. After long deliberation we now have a plan and would like to try it out. If these are some questions on your mind? How do I fix a bug in the Toolkit? How do I add a new…


Blog anachronisms

I have been moving some of my Technet blog posts over to this blog that I think are still relevant, although, adding them now has resulted in a chronological disarray that may make my blog seem a little confusing. I hope that it should not be the case in the future since I don’t plan…


How to make localization in the Toolkit work for you?

FAQ # …: Why does the Toolkit add resources binaries to a website’s bin directory? To explain the motivation behind this I have put up a wiki on our CodePlex site that details how to make the most of the Localization features without getting overwhelmed by the language resource binaries. We believe that the defaults…


Cascading AutoComplete

We have received a lot of feedback from users about not being able to pass additional information to the AutoComplete webservice which limits their usage of the extender. We decided to absorb that input and add support to all extenders that issue XmlHttpRequests the option of passing in data above and beyond what is allowed…


Toolkit Showcase

We are compiling a list of websites to showcase on the Toolkit page that is a part of the ASP.NET website. Details on how the page will end up looking like have not been fleshed out yet. Just like this ASP.NET AJAX showcase displays interesting websites built on top of ASP.NET AJAX, we would like…


Patch it!

Before I embark on the Patch tool rattle… The Toolkit is a Shared Source Project and builds on top of the Microsoft ASP.Net AJAX technology, formerly known as Atlas. It releases code under the MS-PL license. We have around 15 contributors from around the world who work on its controls. The Toolkit is growing. It…


SlideShow navigation

I have written a simple example that uses the SlideShow extender and demonstrates some of its cool features. The sample… provides additional context to the user by showing the previous and next slides by hooking into the ‘slideChanging’ event that SlideShow exposes. and it uses the images as navigation buttons to avoid overwhelming the user…


Toolkit Release 10920

This has been a long awaited release and has lots of important bug fixes. We were unable to get the Test Framework ready in time and hope to get that out later. The release notes talk about it in detail at this new sample website location. The binaries can be downloaded from the Toolkit Release…


Community Contributions in Toolkit release 10920

When I wrote my previous blog post I was in a rush to make the release announcement because we had a lot of users waiting eagerly for it. But I did not get a chance to thank our users who contributed patches to the Toolkit and made the release a success. I would like to…


Piece of web-art

For the past few days I have been working on a Silverlight demo along with David and Ted that our management is planning to present to internal folks. Since we did not have a Designer who would "pretty" it up, making the demo look polished and professional was a task that was thrust upon us….