There are several good folks out there who regularly accumulate interesting links about all things .NET and other stuff on their blogs (cast in alphabetical order): Alvin Ashcraft Alvin Ashcraft’s Morning Dew .NET Development Resources from a Progressive.NET Perspective Arjan Zuidhof Arjan’s World Arjan Zuidhof’s opinionated linkblog, with a hang to Alt.NET Charlie Calvert Charlie…


Reflection with dynamic

This past summer the Visual C# IDE team was fortunate enough to have Paul van Brenk intern with us. Paul is a great guy and an experienced .NET developer from Rotterdam, Netherlands, who is interested in Azure, cloud computing and many other things. He also happens to be one of the contributors for dasBlog, which…


First videos of the structured editor prototype

Disclaimer: the structured editor work described in my posts is unrelated to my work at Microsoft. Everything shown is my personal research done as part of my MSc thesis during 2004-2007. Also, it’s not ready for real use and does not cover all the features of even C# 1.0. It’s a concept prototype and work…


All C# Compiler Developer Team blogs

With Ian Halliday, a developer on the C# Compiler team who started to blog recently, all of the C# compiler devs are blogging! Here’s the list of their blogs sorted alphabetically: Chris Burrows – Ian Halliday – Ed Maurer – Eric Lippert – Sam Ng – Sreekar Choudhary –


Having Fun with the New Editor in VS 2010

I was figuring out how to test the new WPF editor through the new managed API and it suddenly occurred to me how easy it is to do things to the editor that just weren’t possible before. For example, I decided that I like my editor rotated: Why? Because I can! public void RotateEditor(int degrees)…


Bling: a WPF Framework/Declarative Strongly-Typed DSL for Quick Expressive C# WPF Apps

Several weeks ago I met with Sean McDirmid from the Microsoft’s Research and Prototyping facility in Beijing to chat about IDE design and his recent projects. Sean is a well-known researcher with broad interests in languages, compilers, and, recently, WPF and graphics. He was demoing the (open-source) project he’s working on now: Here are…


VS Project, C++ and Editor team blogs

This is just a quick announcement about some Visual Studio team blogs that might be really worth checking out. – the Visual Studio Project and Build team (who owns Project System and MSBuild) has a new blog. They have just started but they already have 3 awesome articles: Hello and Welcome – great introduction…


Some resources about Visual Studio Extensibility

A couple of readers have posted questions about Visual Studio Extensibility, DTE, your own packages, commands, experimental hive etc. To be frank, I’m not an expert in this field, so instead of trying to answer these questions, I will point to some better resources for VSX (VS Extensibility): – VSX FAQ! –…


Common Compiler Infrastructure released on CodePlex

Great news – Herman Venter from Microsoft Research has released CCI (Common Compiler Infrastructure) on CodePlex: See Herman’s blog post here. The Microsoft Research Common Compiler Infrastructure (CCI) is a set of components (libraries) that provide some of the functionality that compilers and related programming tools tend to have in common. The metadata components…