A common globalization bug

I’ve just found and fixed a globalization bug in our test infrastructure where a feature of our testcase management system (resetting a testcase to re-run on a lab machine) just wouldn’t work on a Russian OS. Fortunately, the call stack was easy to investigate: (sorry it’s in Russian – globalization, what can you do…) System.InvalidCastException:…


Making the XAML editor fast

If you use WPF/Silverlight and prefer working with XAML only (i.e. no visual designer), you can significantly, I repeat, significantly speed-up the XAML editor. Check out this tip from Fabrice Marguerie: Life changer XAML tip for Visual Studio

How to disable optimizations during debugging

Sooner or later you may run into a situation where you need to evaluate a local variable under debugger and all you get is this: "Cannot obtain value of local or argument ‘whatever’ as it is not available at this instruction pointer, possibly because it has been optimized away’. Well, it turns out there are…


Kirill’s Visual Studio Tips

I decided to compile a small list of Visual Studio features that I use a lot. Code Editor Code Snippets for ‘prop’, ‘foreach’, ‘if’, ‘class’, ‘interface’, Tab-Tab completion Surround with (snippets) – try, if Ctrl+K,D – FormatDocument Ctrl+Left/Right arrows in code editor – jump between words faster Ctrl+K,C – Ctrl+K,U – comment/uncomment selection Dynamic Snippets…


How to determine the .NET installation directory and CLR version

I recently discovered the System.Runtime.InteropServices.RuntimeEnvironment class, especially RuntimeEnvironment.GetRuntimeDirectory(). Also, RuntimeEnvironment.GetSystemVersion() gets the version of the CLR that is running the current process.

Coding productivity: macros, shortcuts and snippets

Visual Studio macros are a fantastic productivity booster, which is often under-estimated. It’s so easy to record a macro for your repetitive action and then just play it back. Even better, map a macro to a keyboard shortcut. I’ll share a couple of examples. InsertCurlies If you open up Visual Studio and type in this…