Coding productivity: macros, shortcuts and snippets

Visual Studio macros are a fantastic productivity booster, which is often under-estimated. It’s so easy to record a macro for your repetitive action and then just play it back. Even better, map a macro to a keyboard shortcut. I’ll share a couple of examples. InsertCurlies If you open up Visual Studio and type in this…


Did you know? Delegates to extension methods

I didn’t know about this until recently: You can take a delegate to an extension method as if it was an instance method: The delegate’s target will be set to the instance. Nice!


Some links

Several interesting blog links I’d like to share. Charlie Calvert – Charlie’s blog is where the C# community meets the C# team. We are proud that the communication is bidirectional – not only we are sharing information with the community, but we are also actively listening to feedback (see for example Jon Skeet’s wish list…


Using delegates – a simple sample

A while ago Charlie Calvert did a great job explaining delegates here. Readers were asking for more samples that would demonstrate the benefits of delegates. After a lot of hard thinking (somehow it’s hard to find an easy sample!) I’ve come up with a simple sample which will hopefully demonstrate just that. Sorry if you…


How to: override static methods

I know, I know. You can’t override static methods. The title was just a trick to provoke your interest 🙂 In this post, I’ll first try to explain why it is impossible to override static methods and then provide two common ways to do it. Or rather – two ways to achieve the same effect….


Seattle CodeCamp

I attended Seattle CodeCamp this past weekend. I guess this is one of the advantages of living in Redmond that you have all kinds of geek events interesting events happening in 10 minutes’ drive away from my home. I liked CodeCamp a lot, all of the presentations I visited were interesting. The average amount of…


Welcome to my new place

Hi all, it’s me again. For those who don’t know me, I’m a tester on the C# IDE team at Microsoft. I already had a blog outside (, but now I decided to move to, for the sake of consistency with the rest of the team. If you were reading my old blog, you…