Creating an instance of an open generic type without specifying a type argument

My fellow Roslyn tester @vreshetnikov has found not one, but two ways to do the impossible: 1: using System; class Program {     static void Main()     {         var open = Enum.ToObject(typeof(C<>.E), 0);         Console.WriteLine(open.GetType());     } } class C<T> {     public enum E { } } 2: using System; class Program {     static void Main()     {         Action<C<int>.E> a = M;         var open = a.Method.GetGenericMethodDefinition().GetParameters()[0].DefaultValue;         Console.WriteLine(open.GetType());     }     static void M<T>(C<T>.E e = 0) { } } class C<T> {     public enum E { } }


Saving Regedit Favorites in a .reg file

Regedit.exe has a useful feature – Favorites menu, you can add an often used registry location to favorites to quickly expand to it in the tree view. But did you know that favorites themselves are stored in registry and so you can have a RegeditFavorites.reg that you run to quickly fill the Favorites menu with…