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I am happy to announce that the core C# and VB compiler assemblies from our first Roslyn CTP are now published as a NuGet package! The package name is... drumroll... ‘Roslyn’!

Aside: If you haven’t tried out NuGet yet, NuGet is definitely worth a try – it’s a simple to use but powerful package/library/dependency manager, and right now it’s the top free download in the Visual Studio 2010 Extension Manager:


Once you’ve installed NuGet, you can add the Roslyn package as a dependency to your project either using the Manage NuGet Packages dialog:



or the PowerShell-based command line called the Package Manager Console:


The Roslyn package contains the six core assemblies:

  1. Roslyn.Compilers.dll
  2. Roslyn.Compilers.CSharp.dll
  3. Roslyn.Compilers.VisualBasic.dll
  4. Roslyn.Services.dll
  5. Roslyn.Services.CSharp.dll
  6. Roslyn.Services.VisualBasic.dll

These are the exact binaries that we’ve shipped in the October 2011 CTP, packaged for your convenience. Note that the remaining content of the CTP, such as the IDE and refactoring support is not part of the package – you will still need the CTP to gain access to those.

Also please keep in mind that the license doesn’t allow you to redistribute the Roslyn binaries with your projects at this time. But that’s just common sense – the compilers are still at a pretty early (preview-only) stage with about half the language not supported yet. You wouldn’t want to ship these binaries to customers just yet, because we don’t even guarantee that whatever compiles produces correct IL!

I invite you to use the Roslyn forum if you have questions or feedback. Thanks!

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  1. David Ebbo says:

    Thanks for getting them on NuGet! Makes my life easier 🙂

  2. chandrashekhar says:

    hi i need

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