Another announcement for geometry enthusiasts today. David Hartmann, an experienced math teacher and my active co-developer on the Live Geometry project, has released a professional geometry learning software: Tabula.

Tabula is written in Silverlight 4 and is based on our Live Geometry engine, however it takes it way further in terms of features, usability and being a great professional product for students, teachers and hobbyists. Tabula introduces unique capabilities for interactive “paper folding”, taping, cutting and rearranging, as well as close-to-real-life tools like eraser, marker, compass, ruler, protractor, and so on. I encourage you to watch this short video that gives a great overview of Tabula’s possibilities:


I’ll also allow myself to steal some of David’s thunder and post the links to screenshots here:

Compass and Mark on Segment

Ruler and Measure of a Side

Protractor and Measured Angle

Folded Square

Sine Function

Constructed Pentagon

Magic Square


Sierpinski's Triangle

Custom Settings and Inspector Visible

I’m very excited and enthusiastic about Tabula and I hope it will grow and develop. Dear readers, I’d like to ask you a personal favor at this time: if you like the project and would like to show your support, please help David spread the news! As always, let him or me know your opinion/questions/feedback. Thanks!

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Kirill,

    I really like the results that David was able to achieve.  I also worked with Live Geometry for many months as I was doing proof of concept work on a designer tool.  I was so impressed with what you were able to achieve with your geometry library.  Being a developer myself I can appreciate the many years you devoted to nuturing your library and keeping it moving forward as technology advanced.  Your recent announcements about WP7 and your migration to Silverlight are examples of that.  I am also a big fan of your Undo library.  Ultimately, in the end I ended up developing my own code to achieve my designer because I felt that my goal was more of designing "simple" shapes (think Visio) and less about the complex geometry patterns that you're able to achieve. I always saw a lot of potential in your library.  If anything it is almost too powerful.  I have scoured the Internet and I have yet to see anyone push Silverlight, in terms of geometry, as far as you have.  Keep up the good work.


  2. Thanks Chris! I'm glad and I appreciate your feedback! Looks like you're designing something along the lines of DSL Tools. Also check out (althought that's not what you're building).


  3. acanimoglu says:

    Hi Kirill I am a teacher of Maths from Turkey. Because of my courses I bougth Tabula last year. I like it very much.It is very usefull for math courses. But I cant find enough knowledge about slider animation tool. Could you please put more explanation or video about it. Thanks  

  4. Hi acanimoglu,

    if you contact the author of Tabula, David Hartmann over at…/Support.html, I'm sure he'll be happy to help you out.



  5. Abdallah says:

    hello all , what is the direct link for software purchase/download ?

  6. Tabula - numeracyworks says:

    Or when numeracy does not work any more. The domain is vacant and there is very little traces left from Tabula. Most youtubes have gone, a few places still have an early version for download, but that is it. Does anybody know what happened?

  7. Apparently David has stopped development, I don't have any details…

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