Live Geometry for Windows Phone 7

I was really curious to try to write an app for WP7, but I didn’t have a whole lot of ideas. It’s hard to come up with something original when so many apps are already out there. And I don’t have capacity for a large complex app (if I had time for a very large app, I would write a decent GPS navigation software because it seems that Tomtom and Garmin aren’t in a rush to create a WP7 version of their systems).

Nevertheless, since I have some experience with math educational software, I decided to leverage my open-source project to try and create an app with at least some educational value. Writing a full-blown live geometry app on the phone didn’t seem plausible to me since the screen real estate is very limited and I couldn’t figure out how to make the interaction usable. However it dawned on me that a little “fun facts” or “geometry gems” gallery would look quite nice on the phone.

So here it is:

(or just search for “Live Geometry” on Marketplace).

It’s a collection of 35 interactive geometry drawings each of which illustrates a certain fact or a theorem of elementary geometry. As always you can drag the points around to experiment with the construction. Here are the screenshots that you will also see on the marketplace:



Comments (4)

  1. Art Scott says:

    Way! Congrats!

  2. Allen Lee says:

    Amazing! Also your live geometry open-source project!

  3. Lindsay says:

    Kirill, I realise you're probably not look at this much anymore.

    I've kept an eye on your live-geometry project for a long while. You helped me with a geometry problem in 2010 I think it was.

    Do you have an source code or small WP7 project to look at?

    Very curious as I am looking at porting my drawing tool to WP8 and W8 too.


  4. Hi Lindsay,

    unfortunately I can't share the source code for WP7 app at this point. Sorry and good luck!


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