Install-Package Roslyn

I am happy to announce that the core C# and VB compiler assemblies from our first Roslyn CTP are now published as a NuGet package! The package name is… drumroll… ‘Roslyn’! Aside: If you haven’t tried out NuGet yet, NuGet is definitely worth a try – it’s a simple to use but powerful package/library/dependency manager,…


Roslyn CTP

For the past year and a half or so I’ve been working on the QA team for the Roslyn project. The goal of our project is (simply put) to make our managed compilers and language services actually managed 🙂 I’m happy to announce that we’ve released our first CTP today and it is available for…


How to get DTE from Visual Studio process ID?

DTE is an automation framework that is used to programmatically control Visual Studio, often from another process. It internally uses COM remoting to execute commands from another process on the VS UI thread. A while back I have written about How to start Visual Studio programmatically and get the DTE object to control the devenv.exe…


How Microsoft Names Releases… And What You Can Do About It

Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 R2 SP1 Feature Pack CTP1. Scott Hanselman wrote a blog post called Request for Comments: Issues with .NET and Microsoft Product Versioning. He welcomes your feedback either in his blog comments or a Twitter Poll for you to spread around.


In ngen’ed assemblies, static field initializers don’t run until the field is first accessed

Interesting fact that I discovered today: usually, static field initializers run whenever the parent type is first loaded. However when you ngen the assembly, apparently you can load the type and work with it – static field initializers will only be executed immediately before you actually access the field. I’ve run into this by having…



Another announcement for geometry enthusiasts today. David Hartmann, an experienced math teacher and my active co-developer on the Live Geometry project, has released a professional geometry learning software: Tabula. Tabula is written in Silverlight 4 and is based on our Live Geometry engine, however it takes it way further in terms of features, usability and…


Live Geometry for Windows Phone 7

I was really curious to try to write an app for WP7, but I didn’t have a whole lot of ideas. It’s hard to come up with something original when so many apps are already out there. And I don’t have capacity for a large complex app (if I had time for a very large…


Improved HTML Copy in the latest Productivity Power Tools

Executive summary: HTML Copy is an extension for Visual Studio 2010 (part of Productivity Power Tools) that automatically copies source code from the Visual Studio editor to clipboard in HTML format (in addition to the existing TEXT and RTF formats), preserving font and color information. It does so automatically every time you press Ctrl+C or…


Running .NET applications in-process using AppDomains

When testing a compiler for a managed language a very convenient end-to-end testing technique is to compile a test program, then run it and verify that it gives the expected output. Not only you cover all parts of the compiler in this manner (parser, binder and emitter), but also you verify that your compiler produces…