Layout Designer prototype is now open-source on CodePlex

A while back I’ve published a preview of my WPF/Silverlight Layout Designer prototype in this blog post. If you had Silverlight 4 on your machine, you could preview it live from

Many folks have asked for the source since then. I’m happy to announce that I’ve open sourced the project on CodePlex: I don't think I will have time to evolve it any further, because it already nicely demonstrates the concept and the idea that I wanted to convey. I’ll be happy if you find the techniques/source code useful – feel free to reuse any of it in your projects.

As always with my hobby projects, there are no comments, no unit-tests, it doesn’t pass FxCop/StyleCop and comes with the usual caveat “AS IS”/”Written on a long weekend”. Please enjoy responsibly!

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