I’m speaking at Seattle CodeCamp 2010 on Saturday, April 17

Seattle CodeCamp 2010 will be held the weekend of April 17-18 at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond WA (“The Commons”). On Saturday, April 17 at 4pm I’ll be giving a talk titled “Inside LiveGeometry – architecture of a Silverlight application”.


Live Geometry (http://livegeometry.codeplex.com) is an open-source Silverlight application that lets you create interactive ruler-and-compass constructions and experiment with them. It is a CAD-like educational software for teachers and students that helps visualize and solve geometry problems.

I will talk about the internals and implementation details:

as well as dive into various details driven by the audience interests. You can also ask me questions related to Visual Studio, C# and VB languages, C# and VB IDE features, WPF and Silverlight, testing and other topics.

The schedule is here: https://seattle.codecamp.us/schedule.aspx. Take a look, there will be many interesting talks if you’re in the area. Kevin Pilch-Bisson, our C# IDE Dev Lead, will be talking about C# IDE new features in VS 2010. It’s a great chance to talk to him about Visual Studio, our existing features and planning for the next VS release after 2010. Kevin is very knowledgeable and engaged, so don’t miss this one.

The full list of sessions is here: https://seattle.codecamp.us/sessions.aspx.

Comments (2)

  1. Brian Feucht says:

    I didn’t even know this was going on!  Thanks for sharing and I’ll be sure to sit in on your and/or Kevin’s talks

  2. Thanks Brian!

    Oh, did I mention that the event is FREE and there will be PIZZA??

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