Fix available for the VS 2010 context menu scrolling issue Sorry we didn’t fix the bug before RTM, but better late than never… Hopefully the fix works fine for everyone.


C# Syntax All-In-One file, attempt 3

OK, my dear readers, I’ve finally had a chance to incorporate your invaluable feedback (really, this is helpful to me in my work) from the previous two attempts to produce another iteration of the Most Complete C# Syntax Frankenstein Junkyard. Let’s see if we are still missing any syntax construct (that hits a new codepath…


Multiple variables in a using statement

Here’s a simple file copy program: using System;using System.IO; public class FileCopy{    private static void Main(string[] args)    {        if (args.Length != 2)        {            Console.WriteLine("Usage: filecopy <source> <destination>");            return;        }         Copy(args[0], args[1]);    }     private static void Copy(string source, string destination)    {        const int BufferSize = 64 * 1024;        using (FileStream input = File.OpenRead(source), output = File.OpenWrite(destination))        {            var buffer = new byte[BufferSize];           …


Free online function graphing with Silverlight

I see Jon Skeet has written a function graphing sample using DLR and Silverlight. It occurred to me that it would be very easy to create something like this using my Live Geometry framework. So here it is: One difference is that I didn’t use DLR and Python, but wrote my own hand-written recursive…


What’s faster: string.Equals or string.Compare?

I just realized I was so busy lately that I haven’t blogged for a while! Here’s a quiz that left me clueless for some time (courtesy of our C# MVP Ahmed Ilyas): using System;using System.Diagnostics; public class Examples{    public static void Main()    {        string stringToTest = "Hello";         Stopwatch equalsTimer = new Stopwatch();        equalsTimer.Start();        stringToTest.Equals("hello", StringComparison.OrdinalIgnoreCase);        equalsTimer.Stop();        Console.WriteLine("Equals Timer: {0}",…


HTML Copy extension from Pro Power Tools not working with Live Writer?

Dear readers, I’ve just returned from a nice vacation only to find a couple of reports that my HTML Copy extension for VS 2010 doesn’t work on some users machines. Among the affected users is our corporate vice president of Visual Studio, Jason Zander, who is an avid technology adopter. Jason was playing with Pro…


WPF SendKeys or mocking the keyboard in WPF

This post will only be interesting for the few of those who test WPF UI in-process (i.e. not through out-of-process UI automation frameworks such as White). When using in-process testing, the test lives in the same AppDomain as the code under test and has direct access to all the APIs such as UIElement.RaiseEvent. With out-of-process…


Layout Designer prototype is now open-source on CodePlex

A while back I’ve published a preview of my WPF/Silverlight Layout Designer prototype in this blog post. If you had Silverlight 4 on your machine, you could preview it live from Many folks have asked for the source since then. I’m happy to announce that I’ve open sourced the project on CodePlex: I…


EasyPainter and other WPF/Silverlight goodies from

My fellow tester from the Visual Studio XAML Designer team has a very rich and interesting website: One of his hobby projects is EasyPainter – an effect-oriented paint application in Silverlight: Also definitely check out his blog, he has a lot of interesting things: Enjoy!


Jon Skeet’s C# In Depth, 2nd Edition

Jon has done it again 🙂 Now with great new chapters on Dynamic, Code Contracts and more: C# In Depth was a great book to gain deep understanding of the C# language (up to version 3.0) and how to effectively use its features. The second edition is more complete with full coverage of C#…