Visual Studio 2010 New Editor screenshot

I’m very happy with how the Visual Studio editor improved since Beta1:


This is all WPF and includes the WPF 4.0 text rendering changes (DWrite integration). Note the new Zoom combobox in the bottom-left (which is the visual counterpart of Ctrl+ScrollWheel). Also the cross to close the tab is now located ON the tab, and not on the rightmost edge of the document. It takes about a day to get used to, but after you get used to it, it’s really awesome.

I believe that the editor team has done a phenomenal job making the editor better for all of us. Note that although the screenshot was made from a remote desktop to a virtual machine, it still looks much better than in Beta1. And believe me, it is way faster and more reliable now.

I’m very excited for Beta2 and can’t wait to get the bits out for you to play with!

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  1. I can’t wait to play with the beta 2 bits. Been itching for them for a while now. I’m giving a VS2010 extensions talk oct 24th and am really hoping to have beta2 to demonstrate.

  2. Rob Gibbens says:

    I don’t suppose there’s any ballpark for when Beta  2 (or RTM) would be is there?

  3. Unfortunately not. We’re not allowed to say. But it will be this fall, and quite soon!

  4. Brennan Falkner says:

    Middle-click closes a tab.  So the close cross being where ever never bothered me much.  Trick works for most other applications as well.

  5. Brennan: interesting! Now that you tell me, I realize I knew about this before, but somehow didn’t use. It sort of escaped my attention. But I’ll try to use it this time! Thanks!

  6. Denis Stepanenko says:

    Will this control avaliable as standalone assembly?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Wow, that text is ugly. I hope I don’t have to work with that all day. If I do I’ll stick with 2008. It all looks a bit amateurish, from the poor text rendering quality to the poor alignment of lines and dodgy icons.

  8. Denis: yes.

    Anonymous: can you please give Beta2 a try once it’s out and log a bug at MS Connect if you still don’t like it? We really want to get it right for you.


  9. Jon Skeet says:

    Why would it take a day to get used to the cross being on the tab, when this is what browsers and other IDEs have done for ages? 🙂

    (It’s always been annoying to me that it’s been in the "wrong" place, so it’s good to hear it’s been improved.)

    I’m not sure that the zoom level is really important enough to be worthy of a permanent place on my editor screen though… really, how often do people change their zoom level?

  10. Also, when you’re viewing this picture, make sure that the browser is set to 100% 🙂

  11. Anonymous says:

    I hope you do sort it out and it would be nice to think that this is wanted. However, given the track record on the quality of on-screen type in WPF and Silverlight I won’t hold my breath.

  12. Hi Kirill,

    the editor looks really awesome. I can’t wait until beta 2 is out. So the first thing would be to acualize my WPF book and put in the new features of VS2010, and then to finish my book about Silverlight 4.0. Will there be integrated Silverlight Support in Visual Studio 2010, or do we still need to install the tools via separate download?


  13. Hi Thomas,

    Yes, VS 2010 has everything for Silveright in the box, no need to install anything extra (3.0 runtime, SDK and Tools are in the box)

    Beta2 will have it all too.


  14. jalf says:

    Would’ve looked even better if the top of the zoom combobox had been aligned with the scrollbar… 😉

  15. jalf: Thanks, I filed a bug on the Zoom combobox sizing, now let’s see what the editor team says 🙂 <– make sure to give them your feedback, they are more willing to fix bugs if they know that it is a real customer complaint, not just some random kirill tester guy 🙂

  16. sux says:

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  17. fmarguerie says:

    I prefer to have the close cross outside of the tabs. When in the tabs, it widens them, each tab consuming more place than it should in the total horizontal space.

    I’d prefer to have an option for having the cross on the right hand-side of the editor, or hidden. I use middle-click anyway when I don’t use CTRL+F4.

    I understand why it’s on tabs by default. It seems some people like it this way. But please, give us an option. We need to save space.

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