Visual Studio 2010 Screencast: C# 4.0 Language + IDE + WPF Shell + Editor

It so happened that I recorded a quick 30-minutes video (screencast) showing the new features in the language and the IDE – and I did all this on a recent internal build of Visual Studio 2010, which has the WPF UI enabled. The video is very basic, I don’t go into any details, it’s mainly a quick overview and how features look like:

Get Microsoft Silverlight

You can also download or view the .wmv file here:

Features covered:

  1. Language (0:00)
    1. Dynamic (0:30)
    2. Named and optional (3:20)
    3. Co/Contravariance (11:10)
    4. NoPIA, omit ref etc. (16:35)
  2. IDE (18:45)
    1. Call Hierarchy (18:50)
    2. Quick Symbol Search (23:00)
    3. Highlight References (25:30)
    4. Crash!! (26:15)
    5. Generate From Usage (26:50)
    6. fix aggressive IntelliSense (consume first, list filtering) (29:50)

Comments (13)

  1. I actually goofed in a couple of places so don’t judge me too strictly. I did no preparation whatsoever although I do see that I ought to.

  2. SvenC says:

    I am looking forward to the beta of VS 2010.

    The GUI looks nice but please do not waste too much space between the sub windows. The gaps between the sub windows are two wide. I would not want more than 3 pixels as border or splitter handle. That gives more space to source and tool windows.

    Any hints, when the beta might be published?


  3. А чьи это там за томные придыхания на заднем плане? :-))

  4. Thank you for submitting this cool story – Trackback from DotNetShoutout

  5. Mario says:

    Hey Kirill, quite interesting stuff! :o)

    I’ll be lucky about having the call hierarchy-tool, because I’m permanently using "go to definition", then back, and forward etc. as well as "find all refs"

    The references-highlighting and optional parameters are long overdue! I’m always writing a method several times with its different parameters, calling it-self with default params nowadays and that just fills up my classes with a lot of code.

    Some hints for the automatically generated code (of the struct foo in the video):

    It would be nice to configurate the code-generation, e.g.:

    – determine how local variables are named (maybe "my%" or "_%" with % as the variablename)

    – determine if it stores values in local fields or in (public) properties

    and things like that. So to specify some kind of code- and design-guidelines for the generated code.

  6. Thanks Mario. I’ve added a feature request to make code generation configurable.

  7. Green Williams says:

    Someone, please tell this author to PREPARE AND PRACTICE prior to giving a talk. Lecture-time is not the time for the lecturer to learn. Word!

  8. Green Williams: thanks for your feedback. I’ve heard you.

  9. Sumant says:

    Intersting tutorial Kirill! Thanks!!

  10. Vaspo says:

    Спасибо. Кратко. Понятно. Наглядно.

    Запись без обработки смотрися живенько 🙂

  11. Athan says:

    Is is me or VS2010 performs really slowly?

  12. The current builds are indeed really slow. However the good news is that we’ve just finished implementing the functionality and will start a huge performance improvement cycle, which should hopefully make VS fast. We will spend a huge amount of time on performance tuning so expect perf to be much better when we release.

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