New Years resolutions v2.0.0.9

Well, I've been tagged in a chain-letter-blogging game again. This time, Chris "I-like-to-put-ugly-monsters-on-the-frontcovers-of-my-books-to-at-least-partially-distract-readers-from-great-content" Smith tagged me in his New Years resolutions post. It's February, but I think it's better late than never. So here it goes:

Make sure VS 2010 rocks!

I'll try to do my part and make sure that our language service works as expected and the features are pleasant to work with. I'll also try to make sure other teams don't miss obvious bugs (yes, Editor, Shell and Project System, I'm looking at you!) Given the fact that I keep finding crashes in the XAML designer, I'll keep an eye on them as well. Oh and the debugger, of course.

Learn MEF

I plan to read MEF sources and actually play with it. It's 21 century out there, nowadays you *need* a dependency injection/component framework.

Learn DLR

Especially DLR hosting. Would be fun to build an expression evaluator/function graph plotter into my Live Geometry Silverlight app.

Read more of the product code

I definitely should read more of the VS source, especially since more and more of it gets rewritten in managed code. We're building a managed compiler and rewriting the language service in managed code, it would be great to follow the API design there. It's super important to get the API surface right. I'll maybe start playing with it early on and build some sample apps/add-ins to see how the API feels.

Read more blogs

and catch up on all those starred and flagged items. I plan to read all of Cyrus, all of Wes and all of Eric, for a start. I need to catch up on Jon's early posts as well. Also, I still hope Wes starts blogging again. Same for Dustin (although I do understand how busy Dustin is in his new role...)


Continue ignoring it. I'll at least be honest to myself. I will still exercise regularly. Once in three months is regular, isn't it?


Is there anything else that I've missed? 😛

Comments (3)

  1. Jon Skeet says:

    If I’m the Jon in question in the blogs section, I strongly suggest you just read Eric’s blogs twice instead. It’ll be a much better use of your time 🙂

  2. Yes, you are THE Jon 🙂 I can’t promise I won’t read your posts though 😉

  3. Abas says:

    Oh dear, more of VS 2010 being written in managed code can only mean one thing:

    Terrible performance, less experts involved; as evident already with each new version.

    Good luck with customers..

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