Reflections on coding style

I’ve been monitoring my coding style for quite a while and I noticed that I often prefer chaining method calls to normal control flow. Now I think it might not always be such a good idea. To give you an example, today I had a task of reflecting over constants in a class and stuffing…


New IDE features in VS 2010

We have announced a list of new IDE features for managed languages in Visual Studio 2010:


F# No Longer Vaporware

Chris Smith from the F# team has recently posted some "interesting" news:


Webcast on Visual Studio Tips & Tricks

Mike Benkovich from and my fellow C# QA team member Eric Maino have talked me into doing a webcast on Visual Studio Tips & Tricks. Mike was the host, and Eric and I were showing VS features that we like and use often in our day-to-day coding. Here’s a list of tips that Eric…


How to debug crashes and hangs

At my job on the C# IDE QA team I’ve learned some useful things about debugging in Visual Studio, which I’d like to summarize in this post. Although the screenshots were made using Visual Studio 2008 SP1, this pretty much applies to other versions of VS as well. Rich debugging support When you develop your…