ASP.NET MVC4 Web API Stack Diagram

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” 🙂

NOTE: This stack represents the Release Candidate(RC) version only. It does not represent the stack that is part of our ongoing development.



(click the image to get a larger image)

I hope you find it useful.

Comments (2)

  1. Aliostad says:

    Hi Kiran,

    Thank you, this is good. But I need more!

    It does not show the HttpRoutingHandler and per-route handler(s). Can you please update it? Would be awesome to have these extra stuff.

  2. Hi Aliostad,

    I purposely left them out as HttpRoutingDispatcher/Per-route-messagehandlers are NOT going to be available in our next release (RC).

    Actually, I have one more blog for this:…/asp-net-mvc4-web-api-stack-diagram-currently-in-development.aspx

    Hope this helps.

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