Australian study looks at the use of technology in rehabilitating brain-injured patents

A research team with members from seven major Australian hospitals and universities is evaluating the use of technology, including Kinect-enabled games, in helping patients recover from brain injuries. Buoyed by the results of a 60-patient pilot, which found that participants enjoyed using the technology and that it helped improve their balance, the full-blown study involves more than 300 patients, including those who have suffered brain injuries from falls, strokes, and accidents.  

As regular readers of this blog know, Kinect for Windows technology is already being utilized to good effect in neurological rehabilitation.  As we previously reported, Intel-GE Care Innovations offers a Kinect-powered application that helps elderly patients recover from and avoid future falls.  We have also covered the Kinect-enabled stroke rehabilitation system created by Jintronix.

These Kinect-based solutions offer hope to countless patients and their therapists.  We look forward to the results of the Australian study and are confident that they will provide further proof of the important role that Kinect applications can play in healthcare.

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