Re-imagining banking with Kinect for Windows

Someday, people might reminisce about the days when ATMs were the state of the art in offsite banking. That day might come sooner than expected, thanks in part to Kinect for Windows technology. Diebold, Incorporated, a worldwide leader in integrated service solutions, has unveiled a prototype of a standalone banking platform that promises to make self-service banking more convenient, intuitive, and secure, for both the customer and the financial institution. Called the Responsive Banking Concept, the prototype is equipped with touch screens and sensing devices that simplify and protect offsite banking transactions. Kinect for Windows is one of the key underlying technologies, providing motion and voice sensing to help recognize customers and provide personalized service for even complex transactions. The Responsive Banking Concept prototype made its debut on November 2 at the 2014 Money 20/20 conference, a global event for financial service industries. Designed to bring secure, personalized financial services to places where customers work and play, the full-scale Responsive Banking Concept could be implemented in airports, shopping malls, and other high-traffic areas, while smaller modular versions could be placed in retail shops. So someday soon, a Kinect-enabled installation might be your new personal banker.

                The Kinect for Windows Team

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