Big day for Kinect developers

The Kinect Adapter for Windows enables you to connect a Kinect for Xox One sensor to Windows 8.0 and 8.1 PCs and tablets

Today, we're extremely excited to announce some major news about Kinect:

  • The full release of the Kinect for Windows software development kit 2.0, featuring over 200 improvements and updates to the preview version of the SDK. The SDK is a free download, and there are no fees for runtime licenses of commercial applications developed with the SDK.

  • Ability to develop Kinect apps for the Windows Store. With  commercial availability of SDK 2.0, you can develop and deploy Kinect v2 apps in the Windows Store for the first time. Access to the Windows Store enables you to reach millions of potential customers for your business and consumer solutions.

  • Availability of the US$49.99 Kinect Adapter for Windows that enables you to connect a Kinect for Xbox One sensor to Windows 8.0 and 8.1 PCs and tablets. This means that developers can use their existing Kinect for Xbox One sensor to create Kinect v2 solutions, and consumers can experience Kinect v2 apps on their computer by using the Kinect for Xbox One sensor they already own. The adapter is available in over two dozen markets—rolling out later today—and will be available in a total of 41 markets in coming weeks.

You can find more details about these developments in Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman's post on the Official Microsoft Blog. As Alex says, "these updates are all part of our desire to make Kinect accessible and easy to use for every developer."  

The Kinect for Windows Team

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  1. Den says:

    Thanks for the post! When will XNA be updated for supporting the Kinect SDK 2.0?

    Did you know that XNA vNext is a top request on UserVoice at 19'000+ votes? The next top request is bringing C# to XBox One – 14'000+ votes. This is what matters to people.…/3725445-xna-5…/4233646-allow-net-games-on-xbox-one

  2. Massimo Bonanni says:


    the installer name has the number 1409 inside it, but the version of Kinect assembly is 1410. Is it ok?

    I installed the new SDK but I didn't find Kinect Evolution sample. Why?

    Best regards


  3. justkuz23 says:

    Please update the download link to actually provide the 1410 update.  The link currently takes you to the 1409 version which is extremely buggy.

  4. Kinect for Windows Team says:

    Hello justkuzz23,

    Please download and install the new SDK 2.0.


  5. Kinect for Windows Team says:

    Hello Den,

    We have no information to share at this time regarding any XNA updates, as we are not involved with their schedule.

    Thank you!

  6. Kinect for Windows Team says:

    Hello Massimo,

    It’s fine that the installer is named 1409, rather than 1410. The correct binaries are inside.

    Within the next week, the SDK Browser (included as part of the SDK 2.0 installation) will include the full source code for Kinect Evolution.

    Please read this forum conversation for more information.Thanks!…/kinect-for-windows-v2-sdk-now-available

  7. Ahmad says:


    when you launched kinect for windows v2 , you said you can't make it available in India.

    Now since Xbox One kinect is available in India separately (listed on for Nov'20 launch)

    it would be kind of you to make the Kinect Adapter for Windows available via the same store to us, solving the above problem.

    Hoping that this is addressed,


  8. Giovanni Bellissimo says:

    Can I freely redistribute Kinect SDK v2 as a part of my product?

  9. Kinect for Windows Team says:

    Thank you for your patience, Ahmad. We will be rolling out more resellers for the Kinect Adapter for Windows soon. Please continue to visit the web page for the most up-to-date purchase information: You may also email to be notified when the adapter is in stock in India.

  10. Kinect for Windows Team says:

    Hello Giovanni,

    The Kinect for Windows SDK 2.0 is a free download available to all users. A redist folder is in the SDK install folder. If you require additional assistance, please visit our community forum. Thank you.

  11. Jim OHalloran says:

    Is Microsoft OK with the Kinect v2 being utilized as a key part of a medical diagnostic system that influences patient treatment decision making in preterm infants? (i.e. MS could we be named in any lawsuits if the system "fails" to accurately classify infant movement).

    We are working on an NIH-sponsored project and are considering the Kinect, but there is a significant legal issue to be commented on by Microsoft.

    Yes, I am aware that Kinect devices are being used in "health care" applications (e.g. monitoring exercise and "assisting" surgeons) but the ones I have seen in the media do not involve critical, clinical decision making processes.

    Any comments are deeply appreciated.

    Many Thanks,


  12. Anthony Hamill says:

    I used the Xbox One adapter and a USB 3 Active Extension cable in order to increase the distance between my Xbox One and the Kinect. Do you foresee any reason why the Kinect's IR Blaster would have issues? Everything else seems to be working just fine!

  13. Kinect for Windows Team says:

    Hello Anthony,

    Please post your question in our forum, where engineers and developers are actively responding to questions like this. Thanks!

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