Holiday shoppers got the Midas touch

Ever wonder what you’d look like drenched in gold? December shoppers in Manhattan were captivated by just such images when they paused before an innovative window display for the new men’s cologne Gold Jay Z at Macy’s flagship store in Herald Square. This innovative, engaging display, the creation of advertising agency kbs+ and interactive design firm Future Colossal, employed Kinect for Windows to capture images of window shoppers and flow liquid gold over their silhouettes.


Window shoppers found it hard to resist creating a gold-clad avatar.

The experience began when the Kinect for Windows sensor detected that a passer-by had engaged with the display, which showed liquid gold rippling and flowing across a high-resolution screen. The Kinect for Windows sensor then captured a 3D image of the shopper, which artfully emerged from the pool of flowing gold to appear as a silhouette draped in the precious metal. This golden avatar interactively followed the window shopper’s movements, creating a beautiful, sinuous tableau that pulled the passer-by into an immersive experience with the fragrance brand. The Kinect for Windows also provided the shopper a photo of his or her golden doppelganger and a hashtag for sharing it via social media.  

Kinect for Windows Team

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  1. Willi says:

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