Super Bowl ad showcases Kinect for Windows during surgery

It’s not often that we get to tell the Kinect for Windows story to millions of people at the same time, so being featured in a commercial during Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday, February 2, was a thrill. That Microsoft Super Bowl ad showed how technology is #empowering lives, including how GestSure, a Kinect for Windows solution, is helping surgeons and their patients.  Harnessing the power of Kinect for Windows to understand and respond to users’ movements, GestSure allows surgeons to use hand motions to study a patient’s medical images (X-rays as well as MRI and CT scans) on monitors in the operating room.  This eliminates the need for the surgeon to physically manipulate the images using a mouse or keyboard, and thus allows the surgery to continue unimpeded without the doctor having to leave the operating room to view images and spend time scrubbing back in. The result is a better flow of surgery and better care for patients.

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