Mirror, mirror, on the screen…who’s the fairest on the scene?

One of the highlights of the recent Consumer Electronics Show was the three-dimensional augmented reality Beauty Mirror shown by ModiFace, a leader in virtual makeover technology. With help from a Kinect for Windows sensor and a PC, the Beauty Mirror enables customers to view the simulated effects of skin-care and beauty products and anti-aging procedures from all angles of their face. It also allows customers to compare the before-and-after results side-by-side. This proprietary technology can simulate the application of blushes, lipsticks, eye shadows, and other makeup products. Moreover, it can display the impact of such anti-aging procedures as dark spot correction, facelift, browlift, cheek volume enhancement, and jaw contouring. According to Parham Aarabi, the CEO of ModiFace, “the Kinect for Windows sensor captures the customer’s image, enabling the creation of real-time, full-3D simulations that utilize ModiFace's patented photorealistic skin and shade simulation technology.”

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