Kinect for Windows expands its developer preview program

Last June, we announced that we would be hosting a limited, exclusive developer preview program for Kinect for Windows v2 prior to its general availability in the summer (northern hemisphere) of 2014. And a few weeks ago, we began shipping Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview kits to thousands of participants all over the world.

It’s been exciting to hear from so many developers as they take their maiden voyage with Microsoft’s new generation NUI technology. We’ve seen early unboxing videos that were recorded all over the world, from London to Tokyo. We’ve heard about some promising early experiments that are taking advantage of the higher resolution data and the ability to see six people.  People have told us about early success with the new sensor’s ability to track the tips of hands and thumbs.  And some developers have even described how easy it’s been to port their v1 apps to the new APIs.

Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview kit (Photo courtesy of Vladimir Kolesnikov [@vladkol], a developer preview program participant)
Kinect for Windows v2 Developer Preview kit
(Photo courtesy of Vladimir Kolesnikov [@vladkol], a developer preview program participant)

But we’ve also heard from many people who were not able to secure a place in the program and are eager to get their hands on the Kinect for Windows v2 sensor and SDK as soon as possible. For everyone who has been hoping and waiting, we’re pleased to announce that we are expanding the program so that more of you can participate!

We are creating 500 additional developer preview kits for people who have great ideas they want to bring to life with the Kinect for Windows sensor and SDK. Like before, the program is open to professional developers, students, researchers, artists, and other creative individuals.

The program fee is US$399 (or local equivalent) and offers the following benefits:

  • Direct access to the Kinect for Windows engineering team via a private forum and exclusive webcasts
  • Early SDK access (alpha, beta, and any updates along the way to release)
  • Private access to all API and sample documentation
  • A pre-release version of the new generation sensor
  • A final, released sensor at launch next summer (northern hemisphere)

Applications must be completed and submitted by January 31, 2014, at 9:00 A.M. (Pacific Time), but don’t wait until then to apply! We will award positions in the program on a rolling basis to qualified applicants. Once all 500 kits have been awarded, the application process will be closed.

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