Easy Access to Kinect for Windows Sample Code

We are happy to announce we are releasing the Kinect for Windows samples under an open source license.  You can find everything on CodePlex: http://kinectforwindows.codeplex.com/.  We have posted a total of 22 unique samples in C#, C++, and Visual Basic.

We’re doing this for a few reasons:

  1. Easy Access -> we will continue to release our sample applications as part of our Developer Toolkit.  However, that’s a large download & install that can be cumbersome if you just want to quickly view or access code on the web
  2. Reuse The Code -> we’re releasing all the samples under an Apache 2.0 license so that you can take the code and reuse, remix, etc.  Also, we’re using a Git repository so it’s easy clone & fork if you want
  3. Get Feedback -> we will use CodePlex's built-in feedback & discussion tools to get community input on the samples.  We want to hear from you to understand what we can do better with the samples
  4. Faster Updates -> we will be able to update samples more quickly on CodePlex (compared to Toolkit releases).  CodePlex also has a “Subscribe” feature that enables you to follow the project and get notified when something changes, a bug gets fixed, someone says something smart in the discussions, etc.  (note:  the subscription feature doesn’t actually track the smartness of a post but one can dream :-))


Browse K4W sample code right in your browser...  

Oh Yeah, This Blog is New

You probably noticed:  this is our first blog post.  We are committed to this blog becoming a useful resource to the Kinect for Windows development community.  Our existing product blog (at http://blogs.msdn.com/b/kinectforwindows/) will continue to focus on announcements, product news, and highlighting great, real-world uses of Kinect for Windows.  The developer blog (where you are now) will focus on going behind the scenes with the K4W engineering team and will go deeper on the technology and APIs, share tips & tricks, and provide other tidbits of information relevant to those building K4W applications.

We have ideas in mind for future posts but would love to hear from you to understand what topics would be most useful to you.  Please use the comments below, hit up the team on Twitter @KinectWindows, or get in touch with me directly (contact info below).



@benlower | kinectninja@microsoft.com | mobile:  +1 (206) 659-NINJA (6465)

Comments (23)

  1. Peter Parker says:

    Very Well.

  2. John Miller says:

    Very nice, I am liking the direction Microsoft is heading with making their software open. Microsoft today has completely changed from the Microsoft we knew before, in an awesome way 🙂

  3. KCC says:

    Thanks for this really good news will be exciting to see what people come up with!

  4. Dave says:

    Great Job – many thanks

  5. Nichlas says:

    its really great thnx alot

  6. Russell Horwood says:

    Opening up the kinect code is the smartest (and most unexpected) thing MS could have done. The community of open developers are hundreds of times better than the devs at MS. Who knows, there might even be a good game for it one day.

  7. Peter says:

    Thanks, it would be a killer if you did this half a year ago !

  8. Thanks for the positive feedback on this!

    @John yes we are working hard to be awesome 🙂  more importantly we strive to help our developers & partners create awesome experiences using K4W

    @Russell agreed there are tons of top devs out there but i take issue with your statement regarding other devs being "hundreds of times better" than our devs.  we've got a world-class team here.  working together means we will accomplish much more & see things progress faster.

  9. @Peter:  thanks!  please keep pushing us on how we can better enable you.  i can't promise that we will be able to do everything but we want to hear what's getting in the way and what we can do better.

  10. Kevin says:

    Bravo, great to see this type of attitude coming from MSFT

  11. great job says:

    wow.. apache 2.0 license? Fantastic! Hope to see more of this from Microsoft.

  12. Amit says:

    Excellent thanks.

  13. Muthuvel Sivaprakasam says:

    Hey guys, this is only sample codes, not the platform source codes.

    It sucks… !

  14. Jean-Philippe Encausse says:

    Thanks for all the work done.

    I built a little project named SARAH (http://encausse.net/s-a-r-a-h) on top of Kinect with  little community playing with it. I was really inspired by all sample here. Thanks !!

    Site is in French, but in a Nutshell:

    1. A recognition (speech, gesture, people, qrcode) perform a request to NodeJS

    2. Setup is easy for users (no C#):

    => Speech Grammar in XML

    => Gesture in XML

    => Face Reco (OpenCV) store in Images

    => QRCode (wrap an URL)

    NodeJS then handle plugins to trigger Internet of Things. And request's response perform a TextToSpeech.

    => There is also WebSocket streaming "GreenScreen" on HTML web page. To play with Holograms 🙂

    => There is also a hack to handle dictation (using GoogleSpeech)

    What would be great ?

    – Speaker recognition from voice pattern

    – A workaround / sample to handle dictation, cut/convert audio

    – Microsoft to add OpenCV algorithm to Kinect (Consume much CPU)

    – Release date for SDK 1.7 ? With sample of Kinect Fusion ? And hand gesture tracking ?

    Thanks !!

  15. John says:

    This has come at the right time, Thanks.

  16. Hi, i am so excited with the new release. I would like to ask you something completly different with this post. It's about the upcoming Microsoft Kinect SDK wrapper that binds Unity with Kinect sensor. Do you know when is going to be released?

  17. ap0n says:

    Should we expect anything similar for other platforms (e.g. linux)?

  18. Shankar says:


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