Styku Smart Fitting Room Expected to Improve Online Shopping Experience, Reduce Returns

Styku, a Kinect Accelerator startup, set out to alter clothes shopping for retailers by using the Kinect for Windows sensor and software development kit to develop its Smart Fitting Room quickly, a new case study reports.

The technology will soon be used by Brooks Brothers, IM-Label, and other fashion retailers. Styku hopes to improve the shopping experience—reducing the problem of shoppers returning up to 40 percent of their online purchases and offering a faster, less expensive body scanning solution. Additionally, military apparel contractors appreciate the improved measurement capability of Kinect for Windows with the Styku software—estimated to be up to 400 percent more accurate—which could save soldiers' lives, thanks to better fitting body armor.

Consumers scan their bodies with the Kinect for Windows sensor in a dressing room.

Customers can quickly visualize the fit and fabric characteristics of garments over digital renderings of their bodies that are created by scanning their body with the Kinect for Windows sensor. The scan lasts only one second—reducing the risk that a fidgety customer will compromise the scan’s accuracy. Clothing is rendered in
3-D, and customers can use gesture to rotate, view a custom-fit color map, and compare multiple sizes.

"Kinect for Windows had exactly the sensors that we needed, in a small package," said Pierre Du Charme, vice president of Software Engineering for Styku. "The SDK was easy to learn and gave us the tools to quickly implement a full-featured application."

Kinect for Windows team

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