Kinect for Windows Fall Roadmap

The Kinect for Windows team has been hard at work this summer, and I have some very exciting developments to share with you regarding our roadmap between now and the end of the year.

On October 8, Kinect for Windows is coming to China. China is a leader in business and technology innovation. We are very excited to make Kinect for Windows available in China so that developers and businesses there can innovate with Kinect for Windows and transform experiences through touch-free solutions.

Kinect for Windows hardware will be available in seven additional markets later this fall: Chile, Colombia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Poland, and Puerto Rico.

Map: Kinect for Windows sensor availability

In addition to making Kinect for Windows hardware available in eight new markets this fall, we will be releasing an update to the Kinect for Windows runtime and software development kit (SDK) on October 8. This release has numerous new features that deliver additional power to Kinect for Windows developers and business customers. We will share the full details when it’s released on October 8, but in the meantime here are a few highlights:

  • Enable businesses to do more with Kinect for Windows
    We are committed to opening up even more opportunities for the creation of new end user experiences. We’ll be adding features such as expanded sensor data access—including color camera settings and extended depth data—to continue to inspire innovative uses of the Kinect for Windows technology in new and different places.
  • Improve developer efficiency
    We continue to invest in making our platform easier and more powerful for developers. That’s why we’ll be releasing more tools and samples in October, such as a new sample that demonstrates a “best in class” UI based on the Kinect for Windows Human Interface Guidelines.
  • Extend our Windows tools and operating system support
    We want to make it easy for our customers to be able to build and deploy on a variety of Windows platforms. Our October update will include support for Windows 8 desktop applications, Microsoft .NET 4.5, and Microsoft Visual Studio 2012.

It has been a little more than seven months since we first launched Kinect for Windows in 12 markets. By the end of the year, Kinect for Windows will be available in 38 markets and we will have shipped two significant updates to the SDK and runtime beyond the initial release—and this is this just the beginning. Microsoft has had a multi-decade commitment to natural user interface (NUI), and my team and I look forward to continuing to be an important part of that commitment. In coming years, I believe that we will get to experience an exciting new era where computing becomes invisible and all of us will be able to interact intuitively and naturally with the computers around us.

Craig Eisler
General Manager, Kinect for Windows

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Comments (17)

  1. Amr Sadek says:

    Good news for China and other expected countries.

    Just wonder, Saudi Arabia is already listed in the Kinect Purchase availability. But unfortunately the reseller doesn't have it and actually, they didn't receive it.

    Any advice on how to get it in Saudi Arabia ?

  2. Indeed good news for all those countries.

    I wonder how many Kinect For Windows have been sold so far worldwide ?

    I am sure this is a critical/confidential information but a rough estimate would be a useful information for Kinect Entrepreneurs who want to build Kinect services.

    Any guess ?

  3. Craig Presti says:

    I notice Windows 8 desktop is mentioned, is there a roadmap that includes a timeline on support for Metro style apps?

  4. Takekazu Omi says:

    > I notice Windows 8 desktop is mentioned, is there a roadmap that includes a timeline on support

    > for Metro style apps?

    I have same question.

  5. Great question, Craig and Takekazu.

    Kinect for Windows does currently work on the Windows 8 Developer Preview for desktop applications and the update in October will include support for Windows 8 desktop applications. At this time, we don’t have any other details to share but please stay tuned for updates:

    Thank you!

  6. Amr,

    We are looking into availability in your area. Thank you for your patience as we gather some information!

  7. Kinect Enthusiast says:

    It would be amazing to use kinect to naturally interact with Metro UI in start screen and metro apps. I HOPE YOU GUYS ARE WORKING ON THAT !!! PLS BRING IT SOON !!!

  8. Wouter says:

    Is there any chance Vista support will come in the future?

  9. Any chances to see laptops with Kinect sensor already included?

  10. kinect_dev says:

    Any chance we can get this great SDK added to the WinRT SDK so we can use Kinect in our metro apps? Now that would be amazing.

  11. The Kinect for Windows SDK version 1.5, runtime, and sensor are designed to operate on devices running Windows 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows Embedded POSReady 7, and Windows 8 Consumer Preview. Thanks!

  12. Amr,

    We are told that the reseller should have sensors in 2-3 weeks.

    Thank you for your patience.

  13. Juan Camilo Alcaraz says:

    Hi, I am from Colombia and I have plans to buy the Kinect from U.S, because I really want to develop a lot of things with this device. How much time do you think, this amazing peripheral will be available in Colombia?, just to know if I could wait or if I should make all the necessary to obtain one from another country. Thanks.

  14. thats realy cool. waiting for the updated tools and samples.

  15. Hello Juan,

    We are still on track to release in Columbia in late fall. Please check on our Facebook page and Twitter feed to stay up to date on releases.


  16. s.mcknight says:

    An intuitive and discrete interacton with the computers around us…an exciting new era indeed.

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