What’s Ahead: A Sneak Peek

The momentum continues for Kinect for Windows. I am pleased to announce that we will be launching Kinect for Windows in nineteen more countries in the coming months.  We will have availability in Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan in late May.  In June, Kinect for Windows will be available in Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, India, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Arab Emirates.Current and future availability of Kinect for Windows sensors

We are also hard at work on our 1.5 release, which will be available at the end of May.  Among the most exciting new capabilities is Kinect Studio, an application that will allow developers to record, playback and debug clips of users engaging with their applications.  Also coming is what we call “seated” or “10-joint” skeletal tracking, which provides the capability to track the head, neck and arms of either a seated or standing user. What is extra exciting to me about this functionality is that it will work in both default and near mode!

Also included in our 1.5 release will be four new languages for speech recognition – French, Spanish, Italian, and Japanese.  In addition, we will be releasing new language packs which enable speech recognition for the way a language is spoken in different regions: English/Great Britain, English/Ireland, English/Australia, English/New Zealand, English/Canada, French/France, French/Canada, Italian/Italy, Japanese/Japan, Spanish/Spain and Spanish/Mexico.

In a future blog post, I’ll discuss the features and capabilities we are releasing in more detail.  We are excited by the enthusiasm for Kinect for Windows, and will continue to work on bringing Kinect for Windows to more countries, supporting more languages with our speech engine, and continuing to evolve our human tracking capabilities.

Craig Eisler
General Manager, Kinect for Windows


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  1. tkowalczyk says:

    Why not Poland?

  2. lunchbox says:

    that looks nice! now, when will it be released in Indonesia? I'm eagerly waiting 😀

  3. kinect_dev says:

    Awesome!!! I can't wait. This is exactly what we needed. Now, the next priority should be hand and finger tracking. I think that's the last major thing that would be very helpful to have for desktop applications.

  4. I can't believe there is support for Spanish/Spain but Spain won't have the hardware this FY…

  5. Craig says:

    Alvar – Spain was one of the first 12 countries we launched in last month – see this post: blogs.msdn.com/…/default.aspx

  6. Den Delimarsky says:

    Shameless plug, but would it be possible to integrate Visual Studio templates with the SDK, since it's the main IDE for it anyway? I am currently maintaining the KinectContrib project, that does just that: kinectcontrib.codeplex.com Would be cool if the developers had that out-of-the-box instead of a separate download.

  7. Reactor says:

    Walked into a Microsoft store (Tysons Corner, VA) the other day and asked if I coud buy a Kinect for Windows kit. The response was "Oh, you have to be a DEVELOPER to get that. We don't have it here." WTF?! This is a retail product (US$249), right?

    Then, walked into the Apple store in the same mall, asked about signing up for their developer program, and got a clear, intelligent, accurate answer.

    Microsoft, I love you. But you have some serious customer support issues.

  8. STEP the HEN says:

    malaysia is a bigger country and has a larger market size than singapore but why is it not included among the 19 countries?

  9. Dark says:

    Yes Craig, you are right, we are one those 12 first countries.

    The only problem is the reseller for Spain is a german website (Notebooksbilliger.de, only written in a perfect german, by the way) and they only sell to Germany and Austria.

    And if you ask Microfoft, the only answer you get (or at least the only answer I have got) is "we know nothing".

  10. Dave Henniker says:

    When will we be able to create 3D models to import into 3DS type apps?

  11. Darío says:

    Pretty excited about it! Those features will make Kinect for Windows a even better device to work with.

    As kinect_dev has metioned next step for Natural User Interfaces developers would be finger tracking but we can still make amazing NUIs with some imagination work.

    @Álvar, @Dark, if you push some majorists in Spain they may be able to find how to bring you a Kinect for Windows, the only problem is that as the resellers given by Microsoft (telephone support, not in the web page) are majorists, individual developers may have problems getting it.

  12. Olternaut says:

    Could you possibly squeeze in finger and hand tracking in the 1.5 release?  This is the future of windows and I can't believe you're still treating this like a sideline hobby.  It is absolutely critical that you nail down all these features for NUI developers.  Why MS isn't developing a NUI themselves and leaving it to independant devs I just don't understand.  Perhaps its for the best.

  13. Hi, This is cool. Kinect can detect 10 joints now and easy to identify Seated postures. Waiting for a Kinect sensor in India

  14. Micha says:

    Gesture interface is no child play

    More insights on both the technology and design considerations in my blog:


  15. MRomeo says:

    Kinect Studio sounds pretty useful.  It'd be nice to have a built-in way to set the stance of a mock skeleton to emulate joint positions while you're debugging so you don't have to get up and stand in front of the sensor every time you want to debug or so you can work on applications when you don't have access to your Kinect sensor.

  16. Sathish J, feature request says:

    auto calibration between two kinects should be available. let say a subject is used as a calibration, icp should be applied within the device and the depth stream should stream from both the cameras…

    a neutral xyz should be assumed and all the devices xyz should be transformed to that xyz, so that when point cloud is taken, a good view i.e more than 180 degrees of the person would be seen

  17. Still there is no join orientation support? This is a shame really. And why isnt there Turkey in that list??? Sad  when will the new kinect be available in Turkey? We always get latest technology from Apple one day after release (ipad 3, iphone 4) But its very hard to find products from microsoft (like Kinect or windows phone 7)

  18. Skynet says:

    Is this basicly the same divice as for xbox ? So otherway around, they juist build new and aditional software for it

  19. Craig says:

    Dark: we have had a challenge making a local reseller available in Spain. Kinect for Windows has been available through distributors, who unfortunately do not sell directly to end users. The good news is is that we have an online reseller available now for Spain, please see http://www.acuista.com/…/1312765-microsoft-kinect-for-windows-l6m-00003

  20. Moritz, technomed Austria says:

    We would like to integrate a kinect sensor in one of our developement projects for health-care, BUT

    Microsoft Austria does not even know about this product and it is impossible to reach anyone with a clue about it to answer technical questions.

    @craig: help please, mab#technomed.at

  21. James says:

    Hello.. I am interested when will there be integration w/ the next drop of Internet Explorer?? Running an application in the web and having the Kinect be discoverable as a peripheral over the browser. Not sure if this is already possible in Silverlight but we're interested in a browser based application that doesn't require a plug-in or exe install.

  22. Nick says:

    Any plans to finally fix the Dictation bug in the Microsoft.Speech libraries?

  23. Just one question… what about Portuguese Speech Recognition, you know if there will be any language pack available for kinect? Being the Portuguese the 5th most spoken language in the world, with 272,9 milions of people talking it, it's important that Microsoft take this in mind.

  24. Arie says:

    what about Israel? we have a very good application for rehabilitation using Kinect…. but we haven`t Kinect!

  25. Richard Nalezynski says:

    What about a Kinect assembly that works with Silverlight 5 without having to use P-Invoke?

  26. Dmitry Rogov says:

    When and where will be selling in Russia?

  27. Hej, i am very interested in using the kinect for windows 1.5 for my masters thesis work on gesture related robotics application. So much so that i have been holding back at submitting my proposal until i can be certain that i will be able to put my hands on one sometime in June. Would the 1.5 version be released in SWEDEN this June??? I would truly appreciate a response from someone.

  28. i believe i have gotten my answer from a later post from the kinect team… 🙂 1.5 is the software version, duh!

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