Kinect for Windows Solution Leads to the Perfect Fitting Jeans

The Bodymetric Pod is small enough to be used in retail locations for capturing customers’ unique body shapes to virtually to select and purchase garmentsThe writer Mark Twain once said “We are alike, on the inside.” On the outside, however, few people are the same. While two people might be the same height and wear the same size, the way their clothing fits their bodies can vary dramatically. As a result, up to 40% of clothing purchased both online and in person is returned because of poor fit.

Finding the perfect fit so clothing conforms to a person’s unique body shape is at the heart of the Bodymetrics Pod. Developed by Bodymetrics, a London-based pioneer in 3D body-mapping, the Bodymetrics Pod was introduced to American shoppers for the first time today during Women’s Denim Days at Bloomingdale’s in Century City, Los Angeles. This is the first time Kinect for Windows has been used commercially in the United States for body mapping in a retail clothing environment.

Bloomingdale’s, a leader in retail innovation, has one of the largest offerings in premium denim from fashion-forward brands like J Brand, 7 for all mankind, Citizens and Humanity, AG, and Paige. The Bodymetrics services allows customers to get their body mapped and find jeans that fit and flatter their unique shape from the hundreds of different jeans styles that Bloomingdale’s stocks.

During Bloomingdale’s Denim Days, March 15 – 18, customers will be able to get their body mapped, and also become a Bodymetrics member. This free service enables customers to access an online account and order jeans based on their body shape.

The Bodymetric scanning technology maps hundreds of measurements and contours, which can be used for choosing clothing that perfectly fits a person’s body“We’re very excited about bringing Bodymetrics to US shoppers,” explains Suran Goonatilake, CEO of Bodymetrics. “Once we 3D map a customer’s body, we classify their shape into three categories - emerald, sapphire and ruby. A Bodymetrics Stylist will then find jeans that exactly match the body shape of the customer from jean styles that Bloomingdale’s stocks.”

The process starts with a customer creating a Bodymetrics account. They are then directed to the Bodymetrics Pod, a secure, private space, where their body is scanned by 8 Kinect for Windows sensors arranged in a circle. Bodymetrics’ proprietary software produces a 3D map of the customer’s body, and then calculates the shape of the person, taking hundreds of measurements and contours into account. The body-mapping process takes less than 5 seconds.

Helping women shop for best-fitting jeans in department stores is just the start of what Bodymetrics envisions for their body-mapping technologies. The company is working on a solution that can be used at home. Individuals will be able to scan their body, and then go online to select, virtually try on, and purchase clothing that match their body shape.

Goonatilake explains, “Body-mapping is in its infancy. We’re just starting to explore what’s possible in retail stores and at home. Stores are increasingly looking to provide experiences that entice shoppers into their stores, and then allow a seamless journey from stores to online. And we all want shopping experiences that are personalized to us – our size, shape and style.”

Even though people may not be identical on the outside, we desire clothing that fits well and complements our body shapes. The Kinect for Windows-enabled Bodymetrics Pod offers a retail-ready solution that makes the perfect fit beautifully simple.

Kinect for Windows Team

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  1. Piyali says:

    Wow, this is truly a first of its kind and its huge. Great innovation with Kinect that one could not imagine a few months ago 🙂

  2. Does this pod only fit women from size 0-9 or does if help women of all sizes and shapes?

  3. The Bodymetrics Pod can scan anybody — from a size 0 and up, male or female! At Bloomingdale's it's being used to help women deternine the jean style and size, and associated brand, which best fits their body shape.  

  4. The gaming device shows its future in enterprise apps.

  5. Khushboo says:

    This is great technology, however, Styku (  has gone a few steps further, by actually using CAD data, and cloth simulation physics to drape ANY garment on your own personal avatar, not just a body shape!  Styku is the only online fitting room to accurately and precisely simulate FIT, it ensures you the right size, every time!  

  6. Khushboo says:

    @Aprilsreign , Styku is the only fitting room or at home scanner that helps women of any shape or size, b/c you're avatar is truly unique to your exact body!  

  7. 100day100ideas says:

    We were imagine that already a year ago and published the ideas 6 Months ago. Check out he project:…/17-xbox-meets-otto-versandhaus-der-zukunft-teil-2

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