Kinect for Windows Academic Pricing Now Available in the US

Students, teachers, researchers, and other educators have been quick to embrace Kinect’s natural user interface (NUI), which makes it possible to interact with computers using movement, speech, and gestures. In fact, some of the earliest Kinect for Windows applications to emerge were projects done by students, including several at last year’s Imagine Cup.

One project, from an Imagine Cup team in Italy, created an application for people with severe disabilities that enables them to communicate, learn, and play games on computers using a Kinect sensor instead of a traditional mouse or keyboard. Another innovative Imagine Cup project, done by university students in Russia, used the Kinect natural user interface to fold, rotate, and examine online origami models.

To encourage students, educators, and academic researchers to continue innovating with Kinect for Windows, special academic pricing on Kinect for Windows sensors is now available in the United States. The academic price is $149.99 through Microsoft Stores.

If you are an educator or faculty with an accredited school, such as a university, community college, vocational school, or K-12, you can purchase a Kinect for Windows sensor at this price.

Find out if you qualify, and then purchase online or visit a Microsoft store in your area.

Kinect for Windows team

Comments (5)

  1. Information for other countries says:

    I'm a teacher of a school in Italy, will be available this kind of discount to buy the kinect to teach it on our school?

  2. RetailAgent says:

    Any pricing for large quantities (1000+)?

  3. Kinect Group Assignment AUSTRALIA says:

    What will the pricing model be fore Australia? Can Australian teachers expect to pay the same price for the device?

  4. PJ1970 says:

    Still no academic pricing outside the USA. Thanks Microsoft! Considering the Kinect was invented and developed here in the UK, in Cambridge, you might have shared the love a bit.

  5. RetailAgent,

    Were you ever able to connect with someone about volume pricing? If not, please send us a private message on either Facebook or Twitter with your email and someone will follow through.

    Thank you!

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