The Power of Enthusiasm

OpenKinect founder Josh Blake at Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows Code CampWhen we launched Kinect for Xbox 360 on November 4th, 2010, something amazing happened: talented Open Source hackers and enthusiasts around the world took the Kinect and let their imaginations run wild.  We didn’t know what we didn’t know about Kinect on Windows when we shipped Kinect for Xbox 360, and these early visionaries showed the world what was possible.  What we saw was so compelling that we created the Kinect for Windows commercial program.

Our commercial program is designed to allow our partners— companies like Toyota, Mattel, American Express, Telefonica, and United Health Group—to deploy solutions to their customers and employees.  It is also designed to allow early adopters and newcomers alike to take their ideas and release them to the world on Windows, with hardware that’s supported by Microsoft.   At the same time, we wanted to let our early adopters keep working on the hardware they’d previously purchased. That is why our SDK continues to support the Kinect for Xbox 360 as a development device.

Kinect developer Halimat Alabi at Microsoft’s 24-hour coding marathon, June 2011As I reflect back on the past eleven months since Microsoft announced we were bringing Kinect to Windows, one thing is clear: The efforts of these talented Open Source hackers and enthusiasts helped inspire us to develop Kinect for Windows faster.  And their continued ambition and drive will help the world realize the benefits of Kinect for Windows even faster still.  From all of us on the Kinect for Windows team:  thank you.

 Craig Eisler
General Manager, Kinect for Windows

Comments (4)

  1. Achal Aggarwal says:

    Thank you for brining such an awesome device into our hands.

  2. misan says:

    Any clue if KinectFussion will be available?

  3. chris says:

    <b>open source</b> drives innovation

  4. George Hicken says:

    Having just moved from the UK to the US I'm faced with buying a new Xbox+kinect. An Xbox + kinect for windows is going to set me back ~$550 whereas the retail package of both would be $400. Are the hardware/firmware revisions from the K4W going to be pushed into the Xbox+kinect retail bundles?


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