Hello (again) world! Also: The Hiring Chronicles.

Hello world! It’s been a while, but I’m coming out of hibernation to mention a couple of things — We’ve been working super hard on a bunch of new things and we’re getting excited to show you some of what we’ve been doing at the PDC this October. Expect a pick-up in the number of…


Shameless self-promotion.

And now, some shameless advertising! Our team is looking for a good tester to work on our next set of projects. We have some pretty cool stuff in the works for the next generation of globalization support in Windows and .NET, including more comprehensive linguistic functionality and new language coverage as well as additional support in the…


Good at process.

If you work for Microsoft or maybe in the software industry more generally and you hear someone described as being “good at process,” you’ll understand that what this really ends up meaning most of the time is more like “good at applying procedure,” or less charitably and in not very secret code, “not good at…


My .002 cents.

What’s a LOCALE_SDECIMAL among friends? In Verizon Doesn’t Know Difference Between Dollars And Cents, one customer learns the hard way. If you haven’t listened to this transcript yet, it’s worth it.


What’s the emoticon for nerd?

I saw a really cool talk the other day by doctoral student Daniel Avrahami from CMU. Daniel is looking at correlations between properties of IM conversations (e.g. length of message, duration of conversation, time between messages sent, etc.) and the type of relationship shared by the two interlocutors (e.g. work, social, etc.). He started with…


Math + language = what?

I have been on vacation running this crazy relay race: http://www.hoodtocoast.com But now I am back, enhobbled and all, and it’s time to reach into the mail bag to answer one of the most popular questions I’ve received from readers: What is the name “Loneliness of the long-distance linguist” all about, anyway? Hey, I’ve been…


Information scavenger hunt: How do you find a needle in a haystack?

Shawn and I are working on an article for MSDN Magazine about how to design and take advantage of custom locales. We’re trying to supplement the information already available in MSDN and on our blogs with some best practices that ought to help developers who want to take advantage of custom locale technology. But working…


I’ll take an Italian hoagie with the works.

On my way home from work I pass a restaurant that seems from several blocks away to have the following sign in the window: FREE DELI   !! I see it and I get all excited. It’s always a little disappointing upon closer inspection, which view reveals burnt-out neon and a sign that really reads: FREE…