Good at process.

If you work for Microsoft or maybe in the software industry more generally and you hear someone described as being “good at process,” you’ll understand that what this really ends up meaning most of the time is more like “good at applying procedure,” or less charitably and in not very secret code, “not good at…


My .002 cents.

What’s a LOCALE_SDECIMAL among friends? In Verizon Doesn’t Know Difference Between Dollars And Cents, one customer learns the hard way. If you haven’t listened to this transcript yet, it’s worth it.


What comes around goes around.

Yes, it’s been a while. Since I’ve last blogged, we’ve shipped Vista and I’ve gone on a long vacation to Hawaii. Personally I find both of these things very exciting. It’s understandable if you care more about the first than the second. 🙂 But I’m back from vacation and into planning mode for our next…


Oh, the enumeration? Part two.

A few days ago, in Oh, the enumeration!, I wrote about some changes to the enumeration of our Spanish Traditional sort locale that would be new for Vista. What I wrote is that callers to EnumSystemLocales would have to pass the LCID_ALTERNATE_SORTS flag to return 040a (Spanish Traditional sort) in Vista. Well, based on customer feedback,…


From Afrikaans to Yoruba.

Today someone asked me whether there is anywhere on the internet that customers can find the Vista locale list. Several of us have blogged about custom locales and the ways in which customers might use them, but I wanted to post the full list of built-in Windows locales here so that is is convenient for…


Oh, the enumeration!

Note (10/3/06): This post contains outdated content. For the correction, please see the update in Oh, the enumeration? Part two.   If you use EnumSystemLocales(), one thing you may have noticed in Vista is that the Spanish Traditional sort locale (040a) is no longer included in our enumeration. The locale still exists, so you can ask for…


What’s in a name? Part two.

Back in the day, in a post entitled What’s in a name?, I blogged about some changes to NLS identifiers that we made in order to better meet the expectations of customers accustomed to the IETF standard. In that post, I wrote: One thing to keep in mind regarding the highlighted entries above is that…


What’s the emoticon for nerd?

I saw a really cool talk the other day by doctoral student Daniel Avrahami from CMU. Daniel is looking at correlations between properties of IM conversations (e.g. length of message, duration of conversation, time between messages sent, etc.) and the type of relationship shared by the two interlocutors (e.g. work, social, etc.). He started with…


Found in translation.

Though languages can be interestingly different from one another, the majority of work in modern linguistics has been dedicated to showing that the differences are only cosmetic; at heart, all languages are expressively equivalent. I know this is true, because every time someone from [big name theoretical linguistics department] comes up with a new model to describe…


Math + language = what?

I have been on vacation running this crazy relay race: But now I am back, enhobbled and all, and it’s time to reach into the mail bag to answer one of the most popular questions I’ve received from readers: What is the name “Loneliness of the long-distance linguist” all about, anyway? Hey, I’ve been…