Where was I…

..Havent been around for the last 5 months and now I am back. Some of the important things that I did in the last few months – gave birth to little Aryav, my son :), made best use of the longest leave I got since 1999, relaxed bigtime, basked in the glory and thrills of becoming a… Read more

Yes we r miles away in the India Dev Center…

…but we share the fun..   From Left: Dinesh Bhat (Test Mgr), Neeti Kapur (test), yours truly 🙂 (Program Mgr)     …drink merry.. from left: Gijo (test Lead), Ankur (Dev) – dont worry they werent like this while building the product :))     ..and are proud to be a part in building ..the Visual… Read more

Shipped !!…cant say more..

Yes !! TFS has SHIPPPPEEDDD!!!  My first ship experience in MS and in my entire career cause this is the first time I worked for a product company, my first ship it award which I can proudly display in my office soon……Vohoooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Cant say more…. We are 13.5 hours ahead of PST – so when… Read more

Strange coincidence – 2 yrs completion and I get a box !!

Yesterday I completed exactly 2 years at MS :-)…and co-incidentally got the VS 2005 box as a souvenier which has almost everything in it including VSTS suite (the product that I worked for right from day 1 at MS and which I am seeing ship now !) – well..technically I need to wait for TFS to… Read more

CI sample updated for the RC build

Many of you must have already noted that the CI sample that we had earlier posted here was broken for the new RC build. The link has now been updated and you can download the sample from the same location for it to be built using the RC build. Again, many of you must have… Read more

Change your Outlook and get a new Office today!

I finally installed office 12 on my desktop a couple of days back and loved it so much that I now have it in all my desktops and my laptop J. Not that I have deep dived into it ..but the very look and feel made me feel like … “wow – I would love… Read more

Three things you’d rather change in your build system today..

Yes..I am assuming that at least there are three things that you hate about your current build system (I can name a few tens for the build system that we use..one of them being that it is too complicated for a ‘touchy’ ‘feely’ Program Manager like me…- BTW I have borrowed this description of PM… Read more