Yes we r miles away in the India Dev Center…

…but we share the fun..   From Left: Dinesh Bhat (Test Mgr), Neeti Kapur (test), yours truly 🙂 (Program Mgr)     …drink merry.. from left: Gijo (test Lead), Ankur (Dev) – dont worry they werent like this while building the product :))     ..and are proud to be a part in building ..the Visual… Read more

Shipped !!…cant say more..

Yes !! TFS has SHIPPPPEEDDD!!!  My first ship experience in MS and in my entire career cause this is the first time I worked for a product company, my first ship it award which I can proudly display in my office soon……Vohoooooooooooooooooooooo!!! Cant say more…. We are 13.5 hours ahead of PST – so when… Read more

Strange coincidence – 2 yrs completion and I get a box !!

Yesterday I completed exactly 2 years at MS :-)…and co-incidentally got the VS 2005 box as a souvenier which has almost everything in it including VSTS suite (the product that I worked for right from day 1 at MS and which I am seeing ship now !) – well..technically I need to wait for TFS to… Read more