Three things you’d rather change in your build system today..

Yes..I am assuming that at least there are three things that you hate about your current build system (I can name a few tens for the build system that we of them being that it is too complicated for a ‘touchy’ ‘feely’ Program Manager like me…- BTW I have borrowed this description of PM from Neil Enns (Lead Program Manager in the MSBuild team)!!)…

As we are gearing towards locking down our V1 more and more ..we are looking to plan and make our products better come Orcas..and that is where I am coming from. Sure..we do our usual stuff of talking to our very own build lab engineers for the SQLs and Offices and Dev Divs of the Microsoft world to gather some ideas, but I guess it just makes us so so MS centric and definitely thats not how the world operates always. In doing so we sometimes miss out on the other “non MS”scenarios of huge build labs, mini build labs and builds for the individual contributors right from their desktop. This is something that worries me often..especially since we are in the Dev Tools business and we have some a huge number of Devs and Tests, most of them incredibly smart (rest convinced that they are incredibly smart)..we are so prone to taking it for granted that we know the users of our products very well. At times it turns out to be a blessing and an awesome situation to be in..but sometimes I feel it is too limiting….

…so lets hear from you…My previous blogs asked for feedback around Team Build ..but here I dont want you to be limited by the ‘it doesnt have’ list of TB ..but to look outside of TB and inside what you folks are doing currently and what you find extremely painful and hoped and wished some tool would make easier ..I would love to hear from people handling huge build labs, mini build labs and also Individual contributors who do desktop builds or simply anyone on this..