Change your Outlook and get a new Office today!

I finally installed office 12 on my desktop a couple of days back and loved it so much that I now have it in all my desktops and my laptop J. Not that I have deep dived into it ..but the very look and feel made me feel like … “wow – I would love… Read more

Three things you’d rather change in your build system today..

Yes..I am assuming that at least there are three things that you hate about your current build system (I can name a few tens for the build system that we of them being that it is too complicated for a ‘touchy’ ‘feely’ Program Manager like me…- BTW I have borrowed this description of PM… Read more

Continuous Integration using Team Build

You can easily get Team Build setup to perform Continuous Integration – a number one ask from most of the users of Team Build. Here is a sample which kishore and I came up with which helps you to get going with it (for beta3 and beta3R) Follow these simple steps I followed to setup… Read more