Have you tried Team Build ?

Now that we are on the final leg of shipping TFS – its time to sit back and look at what we have built all over again, hear from you and prepare for Vnext…It is indeed the most exciting part of the shipping cycle (my first experience, well I am almost a newbie to MS – been around for just about 2 years now – about all that n more later though :).

As the Program manager for Team Build its my job to get the best features in the product on time to you (dont go “Aha so she is the one responsible for this” and start killing me now) – so I got together with a  bunch of folks to have a discussion on what next ? What are the “absolute must haves”, what “should definitely become better”, what are the “welll…maybe we should do it”, what are  “I think we are already doing good on that” features. Some of you have already been giving us loads of excellent feedback but I would definitely like to hear more. In case you cant think of anything (is our product so good ;)) let me get you started – so what do you think about CI being a sample and not ‘in the box feature’, ….the extensibility story, the usability and so on… Let them all come – the praises, the bashing, new feature ideas, tell us why you love Team Build and can use it, tell us what is stopping you from using it,  randomn blabbering just about anything – come on..help us make the product better for you!!