Some feedback on Team Build…and what do you think?

I had almost written a blog on ‘How to get comments on my blogs’ asking for suggestions after fretting over the fact that I was not getting any comments or feedback on my earlier blog, when thanks to Chris (who sent me feedback through email cause he couldnt manage to post a comment) and Steve… Read more

Have you tried Team Build ?

Now that we are on the final leg of shipping TFS – its time to sit back and look at what we have built all over again, hear from you and prepare for Vnext…It is indeed the most exciting part of the shipping cycle (my first experience, well I am almost a newbie to MS… Read more

Team Build Permissions

Figuring out permissions is one of the most common stumbling points in the use of any new product where half the time you are trying to figure out – what am I doing wrong, why the heck is this feature not showing up, how can I get this damn option enabled and so on!  … Read more

Where is customaction.targets file in beta3 Team Build?

If you have been using Team Build in beta 2 and have been brave enough to customise it :-), you would have come across CustomActions.targets file. This file was automatically created when you created a build type and got checked in. If you needed to customise your build steps – this is where you would… Read more