Origins of khen and foo

For those wondering why I use the terms ‘khen’ and ‘foo’ so often, here’s an article on the etymology of both:


The new book is out

I’ve mentioned before that I had a new book coming out.  It’s finally available on Amazon.  Again, I didn’t write this one; I was just its editor.  It was written by a “dream team” of developers from the SQL Server dev team and support engineers from Microsoft Customer Support Services.  The focus of the book is…


SQL Server Support is at the PASS Summit again this year

My friends in Microsoft’s Product Support Services (PSS) group (aka SQL Server Support) are speaking again this year at the PASS Community Summit.  They’re doing some main conference sessions, the PSS Boot camp, and putting on the PSS Service Center again (where attendees can work through hands-on labs designed by PSS that demonstrate how to…


Normalizing query text

A conversation with a friend over email got me to thinking that this info might be useful to a few of you. It’s common for SQL Server application developers to want to “normalize” the query text returned in a Profiler trace such that executions of the same query with different parameters can be easily compared…


Book sample chapter available for download

I mentioned in my last post here that we have a new book coming out in December that focuses on troubleshooting issues with broken SQL Servers.  We’ve decided to release a sample chapter from the book (that has not yet been proofread) so that people can see what’s coming.  You can find that chapter here: …


New book coming out

Dow Jones’ Denis Gobo interviewed me recently about the new book some colleagues and I have got coming out.  You can find the interview here.  For those who don’t know, I am the editor for a new book coming out in December entitled SQL Server 2005 Practical Troubleshooting.  The book explores troubleshooting hairy SQL Server problems (should make…


Μοviεβrainia is back online

For anyone who cares and is not already subscribed to my MSN Spaces blog, DNS issues with my Μοviεβrainia movie review site have been resolved, and it’s back online.  Check it out at  Feel free to post any comments you have there or send them my way.


New movie review blog

I’m starting a new movie review blog because I wanted to get familiar with Community Server and because I thought my movie reviews really ought to be on their own site rather than clogging up my MSN Spaces blog site.  They tend to be much longer than other kinds of posts, and it occurs to…


Joe Celko’s blog?

For those who don’t have this yet, it looks like Joe is blogging: Joe swears this isn’t him, but I’m skeptical… Among other things, the blog features lots of pictures of Joe.  I’m still waiting for my Joe Celko playing cards.  You should see Joe dressed up in his Joker outfit–downright devilish in an…


New blog

My friend Bart Duncan is now blogging.  Bart is one of the top SQL Server performance experts in the world. You can find his new blog here on MSDN at