Book sample chapter available for download

I mentioned in my last post here that we have a new book coming out in December that focuses on troubleshooting issues with broken SQL Servers.  We've decided to release a sample chapter from the book (that has not yet been proofread) so that people can see what's coming.  You can find that chapter here:  Let me know what you think.

Comments (4)

  1. It’s exactly what I would expect from this book! Great job! I can’t hardly wait to have my own copy of the book!

  2. Good stuff so far! I’m sure the entire book itself would be even better. December’s just around the corner. I’ll look out for this.

  3. Well…

    Does not seem to be working (firefox 2 – Acrobat 8 – Windows XP SP2). But since you wrote "The Guru’s Guide to T-SQL", I think I’ll buy it, lol!

    By the way when are you planning to make an update to the Guru’s Series? Pray, do tell…

  4. bottle says:

    It’s very interesting (probably very useful) chapter.

    Is it possible to download the sample scripts / utilities from this chapter?

    I mean such scripts Bart wrote about:

    "Run ProcCacheParametersParamDemo.exe utility using the following command

    line shown."


    "Run the ProcCachedm_exec_query_statssample_workload.sql script via


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