My little experiment

Early last month, I wanted to see what it would be like to blog everyday.  I wanted to see how it would work into my schedule, and I wanted to see whether it would be a positive thing in the community and something that would help people.  So, starting in early October, I blogged every…


We’re hiring!

If you have deep coding and problem solving skills, live in the DFW area, love SQL Server, and would like a shot at working for Microsoft, contact me via the email link on this page.  I can’t get into too many details here on the blog, so if you’re interested please email me.


Max worker threads

Saw an article online the other day that compelled me to respond.  The author was suggesting that SQL Server instances with high numbers of user connections would benefit from having their max worker threads setting increased.  He tossed around several UMS-specific terms, and newbies might actually think his contention was right, but as I read…