Blogging from Tech*Ed

I'm blogging from the speakers' lounge at Tech*Ed.  I've had a great week so far.  Best sessions to date:

1.  Kim Tripp's indexing strategies session was well done and full of useful info.  Kim's a training pro, and it shows.

2.  Euan Garden's three-session "end-to-end" series have been absolutely full of good practical insights.  They make a good case for the old adage that you have to see some things in practice to truly understand them.  The sessions were polished and humorous.  As someone who's done a presentation or two, I can only guess at how much work went into getting them right.  I think simple "how-to" type stuff is going to be a major source of customer concerns because so much has changed in Yukon.

3.  Anders Hejlsberg's new features in C# session was extremely interesting.  There's nothing like hearing from the guy who designed the stuff.

All in all -- a great conference this year.  If you build software with MS technologies or rely on them for your business, this is one you don't want to miss.

I'm off to do my own UMS internals talk in a couple hours.

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